Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

Key Tips for Picking the Right Almonds

by Adrian Martin

Australia is the world's second-largest almonds exporter. The domestic demand can be attributed to the health benefits of almonds, such as regulating blood sugar levels, promoting weight loss, enhancing healthy skin and boosting gut health. Today, you can find almonds in almost every local produce store or mall. Therefore, it is easy to shop for quality almonds. That said, certain factors come into play when picking almonds, and this article highlights some of the most crucial ones.

Almond Use

When preparing to go shopping for almonds, you should know how you plan to use them. Most people leave their homes for the store and end up buying almonds impulsively. Notably, there are different types of almonds. Therefore, deciding beforehand what you plan to do with them is essential. For instance, roasted, salted or flavoured almonds are ideal for consumption as a savoury snack during movie nights. On the other hand, raw almonds are best for your daily DIY culinary tryouts. Knowing your plans for almonds goes a long way in helping you choose the right types and avoid wastage.

Bulk Is Better

It is okay to buy a handful of almonds, especially if you have never used them before. However, working with almonds is pretty straightforward; thus, there is no reason why you should not buy in large quantities. Almond preparation instructions are all over the internet in simple explanations. For instance, buying in bulk allows you to roast as many almonds as you want and store them for future use. The fact that you can roast almonds at home from your kitchen pan, oven or microwave makes bulk-purchasing sensible. Besides allowing you to try different almond styles, purchasing in bulk helps avoid price fluctuations, especially when almonds are out of season.

Buy Organic

There are different ways of producing almonds, but the organic technique is the safest and healthiest. Therefore, when shopping for bulk almonds, it is advisable to buy direct from a local farmer because they only use enough fertilizer to keep the crop healthy. Notably, a local farmer's almonds go directly from the farm to the dining table. Some of the prepackaged almonds you find in stores are salted or roasted, meaning you cannot control the flavour in your meals. However, organic almonds give you the freedom to control ingredients and nutritional content, which is music to the ears of every culinary enthusiast. That said, it is essential first to dehydrate almonds in an oven to kill potential pathogens from a farm.

For more information, contact an Australian almonds supplier.


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Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

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