Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Irrigation System

by Adrian Martin

Irrigation is an essential aspect to consider when running an agricultural operation. This element is useful in delivering water artificially to the crops during periods of minimal rainfall. In addition, an irrigation plan is important if your farm is located in a relatively dry region. There are diverse irrigation options to consider in the modern industrial market before installation. Therefore, you should evaluate different products and compare the available features to ensure that the best scheme is selected. If you want to install a new irrigation system or upgrade your old one, consider these factors before making your final decision.

Irrigation Pump

The small irrigation systems used to water lawns can be operated by connecting the delivery systems to the water supply network. However, this is not a viable choice when you are dealing with a large-scale agricultural operation. You will require a pumping feature in your irrigation system to generate sufficient pressure for effective water delivery. In addition, there should be a reservoir such as a tank to hold the water, facilitating continuous flow.

The main types of pumps include submersible, jet pumps and centrifugal pumps. A submersible pump is installed under the water surface, so it can be used to pump water from any depth. Jet pumps are designed to work with reservoirs that have varying water levels. Finally, the centrifugal pump is designed to pull up water, and it is favourable because it is inexpensive to purchase. You should discuss all these options with your irrigation services contractor.

Delivery System

The delivery system of an irrigation setup will determine the long-term efficiency of your farm. There are two primary delivery options to consider for your operation: sprinkler and drip. The sprinkler system is fabricated to provide the water by generating a spray and distributing it to the ground surface. It is an ideal choice for vegetable gardens because it will keep the leaves clean and prevent wilting. Unfortunately, the ground surface is constantly exposed to the sun, so the water evaporates fast. The drip system is more efficient because it delivers water in the soil, at the plants' root level. This minimises losses by evaporation and guarantees maximum absorption by your plants.

Timer and Sensor Features

You should choose an irrigation system with timer and sensor features for maximum performance. The timer will allow you to programme the hours in which you want the water to be distributed on the farm. The sensors can detect changes in soil saturation, rainfall and even sunlight and adjustments can be made automatically.


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Tips for the Senior or Disabled Farmer: Strategies and Modifications

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